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• 9/7/2017

What's the best strategy to defeat a Deity for the first time?

Let's say I was able to get nice level Megapithecus and Broodmother. Or if you have other suggestions, feel free to comment it. Thank you!
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• 11/17/2017
The deity of winter is probably the easiest. I killed one solo took me like 5 blood vials though. I used a mesopithecus and the fight is pretty straightforward beat it to death.
• 11/20/2017
@Ahernandez16 thank you for that. To be clear, you used one mounted "Megapithecus" and 5 blood vials?
• 11/22/2017
I did but it also depends on the health of the deity. I had one spawn that only had 9,000,000,000 health while others have double of that health.
• 1/29/2018
My deity kills, until i got Nephalem, were done with Dragons. just tame a dragon, hover just out of reach and bite till it dies. using vials or Carno food as needed.
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