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• 12/23/2017

Need Giga Taming Tips

With the Giga being able to dismount you from your flying dino with his roar, what are some tips for Giga taming? Are any flyers immune to the roar? Thanks
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• 12/24/2017
install a MOD name super duper tranq arrows, it KO a giga in 1 hit and take 2 or 3 shots to KO bosses
• 12/27/2017
We are playing on an unofficial server hosted by someone else, so I think we just have to use the mods tgey have set up.
Can we use extra mods?
Anyone know where the easter bunny spawns?
• 1/26/2018
Build a trap. If you have tek armor it will help. If anything you should look up youtube videos on the subject because of the ways so many use I like syntac's way of doing it with metal gates
• 1/29/2018
Tame an alpha Argentavis. It's pretty much immune to CC. If you tame an Alpha Griffin you can shoot from its back outside the range of the shout
• 2/2/2018
Grappling hook to some hill and shoot the giga off.
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