Herbivore and Carnivore Treats

If you don't have the kibble for a certain Extinction Core Alpha Creature, you can use Herbivore Treats for Herbivore Alphas and Carnivore Treats for Carnivore Alphas. This can obtained from a tamed Easter Bunny or killing bosses (Drop). Easter bunnies are extremely rare, would be good to tame the first one you see. Level will not matter.

The Treats spoil after 24 hours in the Easter Bunny's inventory and cannot be put in Fridge and does not prolonged by bins. You can, however, use improved fridge mod or bulk fridge mod, although not all mods will be able to do this. Easter Bunnies are capable of holding 10 treats in their inventory.

  1. KO tame an Easter Bunny.
  2. Once tamed, put Rockaroot in its inventory.
  3. Enable wandering.
  4. It should produce Treats overnight or depending on the rates of the server.

Herbivore and Carnivore Baby Food

Herbivore and Carnivore baby food have zero weight and can stack in large amounts. Its primary function is to provide food for babies, but can also be used for adult creatures as well. It can also be used for healing of tamed creatures by manually using it on the creature.

Bosses only eat Herbivore or Carnivore baby food for their Food stat. This can be obtained from a tamed Prime Jerboa, by killing tribesmen (drop), or by learning the engram and crafting it.

How to obtain baby food from tamed Prime Jerboa

  1. KO tame a Prime Jerboa.
  2. Enable wandering (please see full details on this link).
  3. It should produce Carnivore and Herbivore baby food overnight or depending on the rates of the server.

Herbivore and Carnivore Helmets

The Alpha Helmet makes you undetected towards its respective type, either Herbivore or Carnivore, whereby you’re able to passive tame it. It should be indicated in this document that the creature can be passive tamed. As of v1.6.1, the helmet has durability now, so it does require repairing when damaged.

The helmet will not prevent Alphas from attacking when provoked, and they may aggro if you are attacked by a member of its pack.

Drop Chances

You can no longer craft the Alpha Helmet (as of v1.6.1). You can obtain these by killing the following creatures as a drop.

Creature % Chance
Alpha Creatures 5%
Apex Raptor 25%
Apex Carno 50%
Apex Rex 75%
Apex Giga 100%

Currently not fully working with the following creatures

  • Alpha Megaladon ignores the Carnivore Helmet (as of v1.6.0).