Xeno Kibble

Ingame picture of Xeno Kibble in a stack of 50.

This unique Kibble can be used to tame most weaker Alpha Creatures with the same effectiveness as the orignal kibble requirement for the animal. Xeno Kibble can also be used on Non-Alpha Creatures for the same effect. Due to these effects, Xeno Kibble is considered a great treat for early-game taming.


  • As per version 1.6.0, Xeno Kibble can be obtained by killing Alpha's and Apex creatures.
  • Not all creatures can be tamed with Xeno Kibble, such as the Golden Dodo. These creatures are better off tamed with stronger items such as the Herbivore and Carnivore Treats, or other special mealstuffs.
  • Xeno Kibble Spawn Code can be found here.